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The Home Detox Clinic

It’s time to take steps to clear your home of the chemicals, plastics and harmful toxins, so that you can live a  more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

By the end of The Home Detox Clinic you will have looked, in depth, at 5 areas of your home and lifestyle and will have been taken through a step by step process which will greatly influence your wealth, health and impact on the environment.

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Eco Chat Episodes
Jen Bradley

Eco Chat – Buy Nowt LS6 Library of Things

This week’s Eco Chat is with Sarah from Buy Nowt LS6, a community project based in Leeds who have set up a library of things for people in the local community to borrow. With over 500 items and already over 100 members in the first 4 weeks, this project is going to be making a huge impact on the lives

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zero waste pumpkin
Eco DIY Projects and Ideas
Jen Bradley

How to have Zero Waste Pumpkins this Halloween

Did you know that Britons alone waste approximately 13 MILLION pumpkins every Halloween? Before we dig in to how to make your pumpkin zero waste, let’s look at some pumpkin trivia: Pumpkins are actually a fruit Pumpkins grow on every continent except Antarctica The worlds heaviest (recorded) pumpkin weighed over 2600 lbs (1179 kg) grown in Germany Pumpkins take 90-120

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Eco Chat Episodes
Jen Bradley

Eco Chat with Compost John – Carbon Footprints and Composting

This weeks Eco Chat is one not to be missed! I chat with John Cossham, aka Compost John, about his sustainable lifestyle, how to reduce your carbon footprint and a basic guide to composting. I learnt so much during my chat with John, I urge you to watch this and make use of all of his knowledge. Even if you

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Absolutely Outstanding Course! The Home Detox Clinic is wonderfully written with a wide range of interesting and useful content. If you are starting out on your eco journey, this is an absolute master class on how to get organised and a great reminder as to how making some small changes can have a massive impact for all of us. The more people that know this course exists the better, I would 100% recommended it to everyone.

The Home Detox Clinic

Are you on your own eco journey but desperate to make more difference and have a bigger impact on rescuing the planet? 

Maybe you’ve made some significant changes but want to dig deeper into truly ridding your home of toxins for the health, wealth and happiness of your family? 

If that is the case then The Home Detox Clinic is for you. 

Sign up today for instant, lifetime access to a simple, yet incredibly effective course which will change your eco journey for the better.

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