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We are very pleased with our Eco Cleaning Subscription Box , the ocean cleaners seem to work well , the washing up brush is really good so would recommend.
***** Review from customer on the Cleaning Subscription Box - June 2021

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Recent blogs

Jen Bradley

How to do a food waste audit – simple steps for you to follow

When people start out on their eco-journey, or they’re ready for the next chapter, they always say ‘I don’t know where to start’. And my answer is always, with an audit. Choose a room or an area of your house and work it out! For example, you could look at your wardrobe, clear it out, donate, sell or repurpose anything that is tatty, faded or doesn’t fit. You will then know where you need to start to make eco changes. Without taking that important first step of AUDITING – how will you ever know where you started, where you need to go and how far you’ve come. Watch a little video here for a simple step by step process. If you are wanting to make a difference to the food you waste each day, week, or month, I highly recommend doing a food waste audit for a couple of weeks.

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Jen Bradley

Eco Chat – Out and About – How to reduce your carbon footprint and save money

This week’s focus is on Out and About Products. The July focus on the Eco Living Ideas page is all things related to being out and about this summer and how to try and reduce the impact we have on the environment whilst we are making some awesome memories. Watch my eco chat in the video below or check out a rough transcript underneath. The products we have been looking at include things like travel cups, reusable lunch boxes, sandwich wraps and snack pockets, compostable poo bags and reusable swim nappies for little ones. Each of these things, when multiplied by millions can have a long lasting and devastating effect on our planet. Here are some figures on those effects: 2.5 BILLION single use cups are still used in the UK each year Over 1 MILLION trees are felled each year to make single use coffee cups 1.5 BILLION litres

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Jen Bradley

Facts you need to know on non-eco out and about products

During my research for the Out and About focus, I came across all sorts of facts and figures that I thought were really interesting and that I wanted to share with you. I also love doing price comparisons, so there is one of those too! First let’s look at some facts about the waste created from single use ‘on the go’ products: Those figures shocked me but the consequences that the above figures have on sea life made me want to cry. I’ve seen documentaries and read news articles, but these figures make it hit home even more. Here are some facts on how plastic affects marine animals: Scary right? And here are a final few facts on disposable cups and plastic bottles: Each year in the UK around 13 BILLION plastic bottles are used and only 7.5 billion are recycled Plastic bottles make up 10% of litter in the

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