An Eco Christmas Guide – Part 4

An Eco Christmas Guide – Part 4
So far we have covered gift buying/giving, wrapping and cards and decorations. This time we are looking at food over the festive period and how to make more eco-conscious decisions.
An Eco Christmas Guide Part 4

Christmas is seen as a time to over indulge, treat ourselves and have a few extra goodies. And why not!? It is great to be able to relax habits and enjoy a couple of weeks of ‘being naughty’. That doesn’t mean that our eco-friendly lifestyle has to go out of the window though.

Here are a few ideas to keep you on track:

  • You can still meal plan! Having a meal plan means that you only buy what you need. And if you do have extra people coming in to the house (hurray to lockdown ending), then it is even more important! Plan your meals and buy exactly what you need. This is where shopping at the local butchers and greengrocers is really handy, because you can buy exactly what you want. Check out this meal plan from my 90 Day Get Eco Plan to help you out.
  • If you are buying extra treats that is ok but try to think about what you are buying. If you are getting a cheese platter – go to the deli counter with your own tub. Could you buy loose sweets (pick ‘n’ mix style), rather than plastic bags. Chocolates in tins or wrapped in foil are also an easy switch.
  • Home baking is a great way to reduce packaging waste. Think of how much packaging comes with mince pies, if you make these yourself then you don’t have any of that packaging. And if you can buy your ingredients from a refill shop then you are winning for sure!
  • Plan what to do with left overs – if you are cooking a big meal then have a plan with what to do with leftover food. Can you freeze portions? Perhaps have a “picnic” type meal the following day to eat up bits and pieces. If none of those are an option then ask neighbours if they can make use of some ingredients you have hanging around.
  • Make sure you compost food waste if you do have any. Make stocks out of veg cuttings and meat bones and then compost the rest as best you can. If you don’t have a compost bin or council food waste recycling then ask around to see if any neighbours will take it.

I hope those ideas help! If you do need extra inspiration then why not sign up to my 90 Day Get Eco Plan and be ready to start in the New Year.

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