April Focus – Eco Kids – How to save money, reduce waste and save the planet

April Focus – Eco Kids – How to save money, reduce waste and save the planet
This months focus is one for all those little humans in our lives. Whether they are your own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews or a friends child, you will be able to learn a lot about children’s products and how to make more eco-conscious choices as well as educate children as they are growing up.

This first blog post is all about price comparisons and some lovely inspirational quotes. Enjoy.

The first price comparison this month is on something that I have already spent so much time looking in to because we used cloth nappies, and still use cloth wipes, on our girls.

The prices will vary massively from brand to brand, and yes, if you go all out crazy on the reusable nappies, you may end up spending a lot more than necessary. But hopefully, these figures will give you some guidance and show you that, eco really can mean money saving!

If you make your own wipes using old towels, muslins or similar, you could save even more.

I should also note that the figures are taken from various web pages I have research on. Cloth Nappies can range from £10 to £25, so I took an average of £15. If you buy second hand, use for a second child or sell on afterwards, you will make a significant saving on the figures I have shown.

NappiesDisposable Own Brand (birth to 2 years) £400Disposable Branded (birth to 2 years) £640Reusable (birth to 2 years, 25 for easy rotation) £375
WipesDisposable Own Brand (1.5 packs a week) – 1 year £40, 3 years £120Disposable Branded (1.5 packs a week) – 1 year £234, 3 years £702Reusable Wipes, Pack of 20 – 1 year £17-40, 3 years £17-40

The next price comparison is regular, day to day items that we have in our homes. Things you may not think too much of but the environmental impact of switching is huge. Take a look at the images for some figures.

Some of these swaps are obviously more expensive and that is where you need to take in to consideration the environmental impact of each item too!

The final comparison is Swim Nappies! This is a really straight forward swap and one that can save you a lot of money!

I have used disposables (including drying them out and reusing them!) but they will never, ever compare to how easy, comfortable and cute reusable swim nappies are.

If you take your little on to a swim lesson every week (when they reopen), go to a family swim session once a month and go on a 2 week pool holiday one a year (where you can easily get through 4-5 disposables a day), you would use 120 disposable nappies each year! Times that by 3 years and you are talking a lot of waste, a lot of plastic and a lot of money!

Take a look at the images for a price break down.

I know which I’d choose! And that’s not considering that reusables are more comfortable, easier for little ones to move in, easier to put on/take off and they are fast drying.

Some really great comparisons to think about there! I hope it’s given you some inspiration of what to change next. And for now, I’ll leave you with this gorgeous quote.

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