December Challenge – My Reflection

December Challenge – My Reflection

My 2019 Eco Journey Reflection

Where to start? 2019 has been a year of many many changes on our eco journey. It has come with highs and lows, positives and negatives.
The biggest change I’ve made is to cleaning products we use in the house. I had already started making vinegar solution to clean but I have now swapped to refills for stain remover, washing up liquid and toilet cleaner. Also invested in a silicone toilet brush (can recommend!) instead of flushable pads and eco dishwasher tablets from Wilko. I’ve changed one thing at a time so it has been very easy and cost effective and they are all changes that I am happy with.
We moved house in November so I’ve also been able to sign up to a fruit & veg delivery scheme again which makes a phenomenal difference to plastic waste. We order each week and it gets delivered to our house. All of the fruit punnets go back with the delivery box the following week and except lettuce everything else is package free. Again – an easy swap and something I will continue for as long as I can.
Another big swap is switching to reusable menstrual products. This is something that, despite reading about and researching a lot, it took me a long time (6 months in fact) to pluck up the courage to actually switch. I wish I’d done so sooner. I now use a Ruby Cup, CSP or Period Pants. The cup is AMAZING and the other bits are ridiculously nicer than the plastic packed alternatives. I never used to sleep well when I was on my period and now there is no difference. This is one of those swaps that can seem expensive to make but I can guarantee you will quickly start to save money.
So now the harder parts:
Milk deliveries…..why are they so much more expensive? We were paying 60p a pint in Yorkshire which was manageable. Now in Shropshire we pay 79p a pint. It is a crazy amount of money and I’m really struggling to stick with it.
Cloth Nappies….I absolutely, 100%, recommend cloth nappies to anyone and everyone. I LOVE them but they are hard work. We’ve been using cloth nappies for 20 months now and I’m really looking forward to not needing them anymore. We do have the odd few days in disposables when we go away and whilst having a break from the washing is good, I’m always desperate to get P back in her cloth bum because disposable nappies are GROSS. It’s a real love/hate relationship.
There are so many other wonderful parts to this year….zero waste shops, wax wraps, less household waste, supporting more local businesses and buying less online, using my own tubs at the butchers and more.
This journey is a long (and exciting) one and something that I’m really looking forward to continuing in 2020. However, one of the most satisfying things for me is when someone tells me that I have helped them make a change or to see things differently. It makes me so happy to know that the hours of research and reading is getting passed on.
And there you go. A brief round up of 2019 (I could go on but I won’t bore you).


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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