Eco Chat – Food Waste – How to reduce food waste and save money

Eco Chat – Food Waste – How to reduce food waste and save money
An Eco Chat episode on food waste. Why we need to reduce it, how you can take steps towards reducing waste in your household and what to do with any scraps you do have.

Watch the full video below or scroll down for a rough transcript.

This chat is about Food Waste. I see a lot of people on different Facebook groups and Instagram, asking about food waste and composting and how to stop it ending up in landfill.

We want to stop food going to landfill as it produces so much methane (more than cows) and that is really bad for the environment. Also, food waste in general signifies there are other issues further up the food chain – too much food being produced AND too much food being bought by us, the consumers.

So, how can you do your part to reduce food waste and make sure that the waste you do have, ends up in the right place?

Start by writing a meal plan and shopping list. Doing this will ensure that you only buy what you need each week. If you need help with this I have all the resources for you in The Home Detox Clinic.

Once you have your meal plan and list, stick to it! Stop the habit of ‘popping to the shop’ for something extra, use what you have in your fridge and cupboards so you don’t throw it away.

If you do end up with some left over bits of veg or bread etc, think of something you can do with it. We love a pasta bake or risotto in our house and they are great for chucking in anything you can find. Bread and butter pudding also goes down a treat. Or perhaps you can freeze some foods to stop them going to waste? And if you really don’t need or want it, give it to a neighbour or put it up for free on one of the many selling pages and apps available.

Doing the above should hugely reduce your food waste but, you will still have some bits, and that is unavoidable. Scraps left on the kids plates, fruit and veg peelings, meat bones etc.

Some of these things can be thrown straight in to a garden compost bin. If you don’t have a compost bin, head to the website https://sharewaste.com/ and see if there is a nearby neighbour who might want it. Or you could start a womery.

For the bits you cannot compost directly (cooked food and meat bones for example), you could look at getting a bokashi bin. This is a way of composting food by using a bucket and bran system which accelerates the composting process, without any odours!

Again, this option won’t be for everyone and I understand that but, the fewer people who end up throwing food in to the general waste bin, the better. Share these ideas with your friends and family and see if you can encourage someone else to reduce their food waste too.

And, if you want more in-depth advice and help, sign up to The Home Detox Clinic and you will be taken through a step by step process of reducing your food waste, and your food bills!

As always, let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

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