Eco Friendly House Moves – Part Two

Eco Friendly House Moves – Part Two

Thank you so much to my very kind Guest Blogger, Jessica, for this wonderful insight into Eco Friendly House Moves!

Read Part One here and scroll down to find out about moving day and moving in.

You can find Jessica on instagram (@jessicathearchaeologist) or at her brand new website.



If you hire movers, offer them to refill from your house: Movers work really hard! Let them fill up their water or ice from your sink so they don’t have to buy more. A lot of times they will have a cooler out in their vehicles, they may not take you up on it but offer.

Clean it out: This is the part of moving most people forget about. Once everything is in boxes, you still must clean the house or apartment you are leaving.

Leave it: Leave your specialty cleaning products behind. If you bring them with you and you do not have the same appliance, floor, glass, etc. you will end up tossing it out. Leave it for the next person, they can use the rest. Then they will know what type of product is needed (those glass stoves…). This is also great if the house you are leaving is going to be empty for a while. The new people can have a no stress move in clean without having to go buy all new stuff.

Keep your recycling bin out: What this really means is do not stop doing what you do because you are moving. Keep composting or recycling. When you move out and do that big clean, you will want to recycle those cleaning supply bottles!

Pack a picnic: Use what you have and do not buy stuff to hold you over. Including your reusable silverware, some plates, and bowls, your coffee tumbler, etc.  I literally pack a picnic basket of this stuff and it goes in the do not pack room. Then we have what we need until the minute we move out.  We also have it right away when we move into the new place.

Invite your neighbors over to shop your freezer: If you are moving a short distance you can load your stuff in a cooler and move it from one freezer to another. If you are moving further than that, invite your neighbors over to shop your freezer. You can donate canned foods and dry goods you don’t want to move. This will reduce the amount you have to toss out.

Emissions: If you can take this into consideration please do. Look at the company you are moving, make your move in as few trips as possible. For example, can you drive instead of shipping your car and flying? Can you move across town on 2 trips instead of 5? This one is really hard, but every little bit helps.

Vehicle Check: This is also a good time to get your car checked out. Fill your tires and change your oil. There is nothing worse than being broken down on the side of the road in the middle of a move. Full tires and a tune up will also lower your emissions and help your gas mileage.


Fully unpack right away: Just like above, you will rebuy things and end up with the short term and disposable items if you live in your new place without unpacking. We always unpack right away. This means we have the things we need. It also makes your new place like home faster.

List your boxes or recycle them: Get in touch with your new trash people and make sure that they can take the boxes curbside or find a drop off for them. Pass them on if you can!

Stock your fridge: This is the time to replace the things that you had to toss with more eco-friendly products. Can you replace your condiments with glass instead of plastic? Local instead of name brand? This is also a great time to get your food storage in order. If you have been wanting to do more bulk shopping, now is the time.

Be Kind: Be kind to yourself, be kind to the people who will move in after you and be kind to the people around you.

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