Eco Living Team Search

Eco Living Team Search


I am looking for a team of FIVE people who are active on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and who may be interested in writing a blog post, to join me for a 3 month stint in my Eco Living Team.

You will receive 3 sample products from our range to try, review and talk about with friends and family. These can be anything from soap samples and cotton buds, to toothbrushes and chocolate.

I also ask that my team help me out on social media by sharing, reacting and commenting on posts and stories

If you would like to apply to be part of the THIRD Eco Living Team then comment below with a little story (words and pictures) of your eco journey. Please include where you are based.

Entries close on 15TH DECEMBER and I will ask those successful to email me for more details!

NB: There is a £5 subscription fee. This is a one off payment and is to cover postage and admin costs! The products will be sent out at the beginning of January 2020.


I’ve been attempting to make my home and habits more eco friendly over the past 2 years, I started out with buying a stainless steel water bottle which is now probably one of my most prized possessions, it goes everywhere with me and so I don’t remember the last time I had to buy a plastic bottle of water. I’ve been using plastic free deoderant for the past year, started with natural deo company but more recently bought from your website. They have been brilliant and lasted through boot camp sessions, hot yoga, a VERY hot Glastonbury and heavily pregnant summer. I’ve also been on the hunt for a good shampoo and conditioner bars but so far have failed (other than Lush) so still work to do there! At Glasto I was more eco conscious, taking a washing up bowl and muslin cloths to wash with instead of wet wipes and I felt so much cleaner for it! I’m now a first time Mum of a 3 month old and have barely bought anything new for him, we got so many clothes and baby items through Facebook marketplace, charity shops and nearly new sales plus some amazing hand me downs from family and friends. I really can’t understand why anyone needs to buy brand new for a baby! We are now just testing the waters to start our cloth nappy journey, having borrow some frlm our local library to try and in the meantime are using biodegradable wipes and nappies. For Christmas we have asked family not to buy him any gifts as he doesn’t need anything but instead to contribute towards swimming lessons and classes to avoid unnecessary waste.
I read the recent blog post on the site and have realised that I have also been doing my bit to reduce food waste for many years. My husband and I have tried to save money on our food shop by meal planning and writing a list every week, this has saved us loads and has significantly reduced our food waste and improved our health as we don’t now browse the aisles and get tempted by all the naughty stuff! I would really like to be a member of the eco living team so I can write about my experiences with eco friendly products and try to encourage others to try them too. I’m sure I could have written this much better and told you about more of the eco conscious swaps I’ve made but my son has decided I’m not entitled to my hot cup of tea and wants me to pick him up!

I wasn’t sure how to attach photos but I have one of my son testing out his first cloth nappy and also my cat checking out my nearly new sale haul!

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