Facts you need to know on non-eco out and about products

Facts you need to know on non-eco out and about products

During my research for the Out and About focus, I came across all sorts of facts and figures that I thought were really interesting and that I wanted to share with you. I also love doing price comparisons, so there is one of those too!

First let’s look at some facts about the waste created from single use ‘on the go’ products:

Those figures shocked me but the consequences that the above figures have on sea life made me want to cry. I’ve seen documentaries and read news articles, but these figures make it hit home even more. Here are some facts on how plastic affects marine animals:

Scary right? And here are a final few facts on disposable cups and plastic bottles:

  • Each year in the UK around 13 BILLION plastic bottles are used and only 7.5 billion are recycled
  • Plastic bottles make up 10% of litter in the Thames
  • Over 60% of household plastic packaging is from plastic bottles, such as drinks bottles, milk bottles and toiletries bottles
  • Each year 5.5 BILLION plastic bottles are sent to landfill, littered or incinerated.

And finally, that price comparison on non-eco vs eco-friendly products for on the go. This is the positive part which, if the above hasn’t convinced you to switch yet – this just might.

Doing a price comparison this month wasn’t so easy as there are many variables on the out and about products and some of them are quite hard to gauge on quantity etc. But I gave it a go for some products, check out the images to see what I found.

I think there are some really interesting comparisons. Obviously these are very generic but it’s worthwhile you sitting with a pen and paper and working out just how much you spend on these disposable items each year and see if you can make a personal saving.

Let me know what you figure out in the comments.

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