February Challenge – Litter Picking

February Challenge – Litter Picking


This month’s challenge over on the Facebook community group is to get involved in litter picking.

It might seem like a strange thing to set as a challenge, but since I started picking litter at the beginning of 2020, it has really brought to my attention just how bad the problem is all over the country. Villages, towns, cities, woodlands, roadsides – litter is strewn everywhere.
I have now done four litter picks, three in my local village and one at a beautiful woodland area near where we live. It has really hit home just how bad the issue is, as once you start seeing litter, you can’t “unsee” it. Even my four year old has started talking about the problem.
I feel that the only way to begin to tackle this huge issue is to come together and do something to raise awareness.
So, I’d like everyone to set themselves a litter picking challenge. Here are some ideas to help:
  • Join in on a community litter pick
  • Do one 10 minute litter pick each week
  • Pick 100 pieces of litter this month (all in one go or at different times)
Make sure you share your findings with local groups. Take photos, note where the rubbish has come from and try approaching those companies asking them to make changes. EVERYTHING we do will help!
Head on over to the Eco Living Community Group to join in with the challenge and share your results with us.


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