Green Friday 2020

Green Friday 2020
Green Friday really is a thing! In a bid to undo some of the craziness of Black Friday (or “let’s shop like plonkers every day for a month”, as it now seems to be), small businesses, charities and other organisations are clubbing together to make people more aware of the impact of Black Friday and how to make a difference.

Green Friday was originally started in the States and has since crossed the ocean to us here in Europe.

As an alternative to the online shopping, queuing for bargains (in non-covid times), battling for the biggest deal and just general over spending and over consumerism, Green Friday tries to get people back outdoors, enjoying the peace of nature and, if possible, spending precious time with family and friends.

Now the latter is going to be difficult this year but there are still plenty of ways to boycott Black Friday in 2020.

*Get outside, enjoy nature, the changing seasons, the fresh air. Head to your nearest woods or country park and appreciate what you are surrounded by. Take a flask of hot chocolate and some home baked cookies and make it a real adventure with your family.

*Enjoy the gift of giving! Do something worthwhile for your neighbours or community. Bake a loaf of bread to cheer up someone’s day or do a litter pick to tidy up your local area. Give back to the people who have supported you this year.

*Get active – go for a run, a family bike ride, an online yoga class. There are so many options available to get your adrenaline pumping and give you a buzz. (It’s the same feeling we get from shopping only this is better for you and longer lasting!).

*Get creative – spend a day tucked up indoors and dig out all of your art and craft materials. Try making something special or just have a bit of fun. Christmas cards, home decorated wrapping paper and door wreaths are all great ones for this time of year.

*Switch off! This is a big one. Have 24 hours screen free (except perhaps a movie?). Put phones, iPads, laptops and gaming devices away for the day and reconnect with yourself and those around you.

Green Friday is all about giving back instead of taking. We do not need to continually purchase goods to make us happy. Sadly we have had that mentality drilled into us through advertising campaigns. Help to spread awareness of Green Friday – make it more popular with your friends and family so that they too can see the dangers of over-consumerism.

Of course if you can get local businesses and organisations involved too then that would be just fabulous!

If you want to know more ways you can reduce your personal impact this Christmas, check our my Eco Christmas Guide blog series.


That’s great. well done! Litter picking is always eye opening. I did a lot at the beginning of this year and was always amazed at what I found

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