Green Friday – What is it?

Green Friday – What is it?

What is Green Friday?

I may be a bit behind the times, but this is the first I have heard of Green Friday. So guess what…. I did some research!

As with “Black Friday”, the Americans have started an all new “thing” – Green Friday. Where companies are trying to coax the public out of the shops and away from their computer and mobile screens (where they are spending so much money!!), to instead spend time outdoors, with friends and family, enjoying the wonders that our world has to offer. Some National Parks in the States have offered free entry to encourage this and there are many similar schemes taking place. There are over 300 big clothes brands encouraging their customers to not “shop til they drop” this Black Friday as it encourages over production and pointless purchases which the consumer often does not need or want.

This year, I think we all need to encourage others (and focus ourselves), on not buying items because they are reduced, but instead really asking if we need it! Impulse buys are exciting, and lets face it, who doesn’t feel good getting a bargain? but, the impact they have can be staggering.

If you are wanting to have a lower waste, more thoughtful and sustainable Christmas in 2019, here are my top tips……

  1. Give the gift of time, love or memories – by this I mean write an IOU voucher, buy an experience gift voucher (afternoon tea ALWAYS goes down well in our family), or create something wonderful from memories you share (a photo album, picture etc). You could also consider planting a tree, adopting an animal or any other number of wonderful “wild” gifts.
  2. Shop eco and ethical – If you prefer to buy a gift for someone to unwrap – try to make it ethical and as eco as possible. Look for natural, handmade, low waste items that are still a treat for the recipient.
  3. Shop with small businesses. Now I’m a little biased on this one but, I think shopping local and with small businesses is the way to go. The big names have taken over so much. They produce vast quantities of cheap, man-made items that are often unloved or unwanted. Stick with something small and meaningful.
  4. Make wrapping zero or low waste. There are literally tonnes of waste generated from wrapping and cards at Christmas. Look at reusable fabric bags or furoshiki for zero waste options or brown paper and tape for low waste.
  5. Introduce family and friends with an eco friendly gift set – steer people on the right direction with a gift that will show them being kinder to the planet isn’t all crazy ideas and hard work!

I’m sure there are many ways we could do better this Christmas. I’m hoping to go foraging for some decorations and will be using as much reusable wrapping as possible.

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