How to do a food waste audit – simple steps for you to follow

How to do a food waste audit – simple steps for you to follow
When people start out on their eco-journey, or they’re ready for the next chapter, they always say ‘I don’t know where to start’. And my answer is always, with an audit. Choose a room or an area of your house and work it out!

For example, you could look at your wardrobe, clear it out, donate, sell or repurpose anything that is tatty, faded or doesn’t fit. You will then know where you need to start to make eco changes.

Without taking that important first step of AUDITING – how will you ever know where you started, where you need to go and how far you’ve come.

Watch a little video here for a simple step by step process.

If you are wanting to make a difference to the food you waste each day, week, or month, I highly recommend doing a food waste audit for a couple of weeks.

Follow the process in my video and it will help you to understand where your food waste comes from and how you can start making changes to reduce it.

If you want more guidance on how to do a food waste audit, or audit some other part of your home, then I highly recommend you check out my Home Detox Clinic. It is an online course which will guide you through 5 areas of your home to make them eco-friendly, toxic free and de-cluttered.

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