Ideas for Surviving Isolation!

Ideas for Surviving Isolation!

Ideas for Surviving Isolation!

As schools close and more and more of us are starting to self isolate, I thought I would share a few ideas with you regarding the different items I stock and how they may help! Here goes…..

First Up – It has to be SOAP! In 72 hours I have sold 38 soap bars and the orders are still coming in thick and fast! Many people are complaining of dry and cracked skin or not being able to get hold of liquid soap. Well….I have plenty of this stuff in and at only £2.50 a bar (which will last a good 2-3 months!), it’s a bargain. Free from plastics and chemicals and full of oils and butters to nourish your skin (as well as being naturally anti-bacterial) – these soaps are a win win. Cut in half and use a slatted soap dish to make them last even longer! Oh, they can also be used in the shower! Click here to shop now.

Second Idea – Chocolate! This might seem like a strange one but we are going to have a lot of long days (and evenings) ahead of us and we all love a sweet treat every now and again. Instead of buying processed, sugar filled, plastic wrapped, bulk made rubbish, why not try some of our delicious raw, unprocessed, vegan Chocolate. All the bars come in compostable wrappers (they are working on an alternative for the snack packs). So many different goodies to choose from – take a look.

Next Up – Pegs. Again, this might not seem an obvious one but just think….2-3 weeks at home….milder, breezy Spring days – how much washing could you get done?!? And also….if you have young children at home, like I do, you may end up with loads of art work to hang up to dry! 2 jobs in one! Plus the pegs can be used for fastening pasta/rice/cereal bags to keep food fresher for longer. Only a few bags of these left in stock so grab yours now.

Mini Pack Wax Wraps Main

Penultimate idea – Wax Wraps. Now you all know how much I LOVE these and rave about them anyway, but I think that now is a good time to invest in them. I know a lot of people are batch cooking and prepping food in advance as well as cooking for relatives etc. The wraps are perfect for keeping food covered in the fridge or wrapping to take to a neighbour (a took some orange and almond cake to a neighbour a couple of weeks ago wrapped in one!). With five different pack sizes and over 20 designs – you’re sure to find something you love!

And finally – Bath & Body Products. I know people are starting to have issues buying basic hygiene items in Supermarkets due to a lot of panic buying but, I have lots of bases covered! Toothbrushes (adults and kids), Deodorant, Denttabs toothpaste, Body Butter, Bath Salts (might need a long soak in the bath after a few days home schooling!), Shampoo & Conditioner and Cotton Buds. You can get fully stocked over on the website and have it all delivered to your door by our wonderful posties!

I could go on – but I won’t! Hope you find some of this useful and don’t mind a light hearted blog post in these uncertain times. Stay safe everyone!


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Brilliant. You’re right. We’re all going to need to look after ourselves as well as others and make the most of this imposed isolation.

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