January Focus – Natural Skin Care – Digging Deeper

January Focus – Natural Skin Care – Digging Deeper
Over the course of the month I am posting about different skin care products and how they benefit you AND the environment. I thought I would do a summary here too so it is easy to check back and have all of the information in one place. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

Cleanser and Detox Bars: All three of these bars are natural and free from Palm Oil, Parabens and Sulfates. They are not tested on animals and all ingredients are ethically sourced. They are also hand made in the UK, and the packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable!

Using a great, natural cleanser on your skin is so important as it helps to wash off make up, grime and excess oil without stripping your skin of the delicate balance it needs to stay nourished and protected. The two cleanser bars contain moisturising ingredients and the detox bar will help extract toxins from your skin as well as acting as an antibacterial and antiviral agent.

A couple of extra tips from me: Use a slatted soap dish to store your bar. It will allow it to drain properly and dry quickly meaning it won’t go soggy and will last longer. Cut your bar in half before you start using it. It will last longer and is easier to hold half at a time.

Soap Bars, Wash Mitts and More: For most of us, using some sort of soap, shower gel or equivalent is pretty much a daily habit. It is a staple in most households and often there are multiple different types on the go at once. In our house we have a soap bar (mine), some kids body wash/shampoo, a bottle of shower gel (hubby’s) and a bottle of bubble bath (which is one from @minimal so we refill).

So what impact does a switch to refills or bars have? It is estimated that the average household uses 24 bottles of shower gel a year and only 60% of those are correctly recycled. That is a staggering amount of waste. And that doesn’t include other plastic bottles found in the bathroom (shampoo, conditioner, face wash, hair gel etc). Take 2 minutes right now to go and count how many bottles you have in your bathroom and make a commitment to swap one of them this month!

And what about shower puffs/scrunchies and sponges. Did you know that many are made from plastic? You are literally rubbing plastic on your skin! It makes me squirm. So why not look at a natural alternative like a bamboo wash mitt or ramie bath scrunchie which will decompose once they have reached the end of their life.

These are changes which take little to no thought. Once you know the alternatives available (see the photo above for the range I stock) and where to buy them (from me!), all you have to do is switch your spends when you next need a top up. It won’t cost you more and it won’t take any getting used to! Who’s going to commit to the change today?

Reusable Face Wipes and Wash Bags: Available in different fabrics there is something to suit every skin type. Super smooth for sensitive skin and soft and scrub for those who like a little exfoliation.

To use these wipes you can either put your product on to the wipe (if using a liquid cleanser/toner/micellar water) or rub your product on to your skin (if using something like the UpCircle Cleansing Balm I stock, or coconut oil), wet the wipe and then wipe off the product. Either way, give them a quick rinse afterwards then pop in the handy wash bag so they don’t get lost down a trouser leg in the wash!

There are so many benefits to switching to reusable wipes which I will cover in another post but my main two are, you very quickly start to save a lot of money and they are so much kinder on your skin!

and finally…

Shaving Stuff: Shaving is, for many of us, quite an important part of our skin care routine. Some will shave more than others of course, but it is a common practise and something that can cause a whole world of skin problems if the right products aren’t used.

Shaving rash, dry skin and ingrowing hairs are all issues that can arise from using under-performing razors, chemical laden shaving soaps or gels and not preparing the skin beforehand. Put this together with the crazy amount of waste that shaving can create (razors, blades, empty bottles of gel/foam) and it really is a no-brainer to switch to something much more skin friendly.

The Stainless Steel Razors come with a lifetime guarantee and it is super easy (and cheap) to switch blades whenever you need. Investing in one of these razors will mean that you need to spend only a few £ each year (depending on how much you shave), for replacement blades.

Use a natural shaving soap to nourish your skin to help reduce shaving rashes and ingrowing hairs. You skin will be healthier, better moisturised and more supply because you are not smothering alcohol based products on it. The bars also last longer than a bottle of shaving foam or gel so you’ll save money too! Hurray.

And now for some facts to really set these switches in your mind:

  1. One of these cleanser bars costs £3 and will last you months (my first cleanser bar lasted 17 months!). It leaves no by-products and no packaging waste. Compare that to a cleanser found on the high street and see if you can find anything else that costs less than 25p per month and has little to no environmental impact.
  2. Your skin will be more balanced and less prone to being dry or breaking out in spots if you use natural products as there are no chemicals involved to upset the natural layers of the skin.
  3. In 2018 it was estimated that over 5.5 million Brits were using disposable razors – unthinkable how many that meant were headed to landfill each year. And then there is all the packaging that accompanies them!
  4. Chemical laden face wipes lead to premature aging of the skin.
  5. There are, on average, 35 disposable wipes found per kilometre of British coastline.

I really hope this info has been helpful and look forward to helping you make your eco switches!

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