January Focus – Natural Skin Care

January Focus – Natural Skin Care

Throughout 2021 I have decided to have a different focus each month highlighting and digging deeper in to some of the products I stock, why they are good for you and the planet and why I recommend them.

I will tell you some facts on the topic, provide answers to questions, do price comparisons and so much more. And of course, I will be asking for your feedback, input and advice too – as I am still keen to learn more!

The January focus is going to be…Natural Skin Care. I thought this was quite a fitting one to start as many people begin the New Year with a resolution, typically something to do with better looking after themselves. And what nicer way to do that than to make sure you are treating your skin with the best products available to you. No chemicals to absorb into your skin and no unnatural fragrances and exfoliants.

Also, now we are midway through winter, skin can tend to not be at its best. Dry, dull and almost definitely lacking some colour, it is important to make sure you are feeding it with wonderful, healthy products.

But what else is important is knowing WHY you should be conscious of your skin care routine, what impact these products will have on your skin, bank balance and of course, the environment.

So follow me on Facebook and Instagram this month for all things skin care and let me know if you have anything in particular you would like me to cover.

Best Wishes for 2021,


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