July Focus – Eco-Friendly Out & About, from Sandwich Wraps to Compostable Poo Bags – here is what you need to know

July Focus – Eco-Friendly Out & About, from Sandwich Wraps to Compostable Poo Bags – here is what you need to know
This July I will be focusing on all things out and about! This first blog is a quick introduction to the subject and to share with you some of the awesome eco-alternative available. Throughout the month I will be sharing price comparisons, facts and figures so check out other blogs for more info.

I don’t know about you but I am so ready for some sunshine, family time, trips out and all the other glorious things that come with summer time. I’m hoping that after the abysmal April/May we had, July and August are going to be great for sunshine! And that’s why this month we are going to focus on ‘out and about’ products. Things we need for picnics, days out and on the go meals. There is a whole world of fabulous, plastic free, reusable and down-right gorgeous products out there. It’s time to show them some love.

BRAND NEW – Travel Cups and Lunch Boxes:

I often walk along the seafront with Ruby (our Labrador), I am still amazed at how many people use single use coffee cups. The beach is often littered with the lids, stirrers and sugar sachets which people deem ok to throw on the floor. Cups, in general, seem to make it into one of the many bins, but they will still be around for a long time to come. These products from Huski are a sound investment if you are wanting to switch to an eco-alternative. Plastic lunch boxes are great but after a time they can start to leak chemicals into food, not so great. The travel mugs and lunchboxes are made from Rice Husks (which are a potential bio-hazard if not disposed of properly!). The lunch boxes have 2 compartments and are great for hot or cold food and the travel cups will keep your drinks warm for around 90 minutes.

Sandwich Wraps and Snack Pockets: One of my favourite swaps on my journey to be eco-friendly has to be these fabulous sandwich wraps and snack pockets. In the last (almost) 3 years I have sold a lot of them and if you want to know more about the maker – head to this blog and find Eco Snack Wraps interview! These 2 products replace a whole host of single use, plastic, bulky items and will honestly make your lunch and picnic packing a whole world more enjoyable. The wraps open up to make a little place mat. Perfect for if you are sharing out veggie stick or crisps. They are machine washable too and will quite literally last you years! They keep food fresh, reduce soggy bottom syndrome and (and this is the best part for me)…once you’ve eaten the delicious food inside, they fold up to practically nothing which means….you don’t need to carry an empty tub around with you! Hurray. Same goes for the pockets. They are super handy are great for fruit, bread sticks, crisps, rice cakes and more. I know people who have used these products for jacket potatoes, tea bags, dried fruit and all sorts of other things!

Baby Wipes and Plasters: For anyone who has had a day out with small humans (be that your own, or ones you borrowed from another family member), you will know that rarely an adventure goes by which doesn’t result in one of the following:

  • Grazed knee
  • Grazed elbow
  • Thorn/splinter
  • Sticky ice-cream face/hands
  • Sand covered…everything
  • Mud covered…everything
  • Absolutely nothing wrong but only a cold compress or plaster will fix it

And that’s why, even though my girls are now 3 and 5 (and a half…that is VERY important), I still do not leave on a trip out without some reusable wipes and a couple of plasters in the bag. We have been using reusable wipes for 3.5 years now and I only wish we had started sooner. We invested in a great set from Cheeky Wipes and still use the same ones now. I cannot begin to count how much money we have saved over the years, plus each reusable wipe does the job of at least 2-3 disposable wipes so we have also saved THOUSANDS of plastic wipes from being disposed of. As for plasters….we go through phases of using loads and then not so many. But it’s good to know that when we do, they will decompose quickly and not hang around polluting the planet for years to come. Both of these swaps are simple and need little to no effort to make.

Reusable Swim Gear: Staycations are the thing this year and we are all spending a lot more time on local beaches, splash parks and our own paddling pools. So be prepared and make sure your kids swim gear is as eco-friendly, and easy to use as possible! I am fortunate enough to stock 3 wonderful products from Bambino Mio – reusable swim nappies, wet bags and change mats and honestly, they are all gorgeous! If you do have a water baby, or even just one who loves the paddling pool, then I cannot recommend these products enough. The nappies are elasticated so fit really nicely and are super easy to put on and take off, even when you have a wriggler on your hands. They also dry incredibly quickly, so if you have a little one who is constantly changing their mind about whether they want to be in or out of the pool, you don’t need to put a fresh disposable on each time as you will have a dry reusable nappy in a very short time! The wet bags and change mats are amazing for trips to the beach or swimming pool as they are lightweight, easy to clean and carry and the bags are completely waterproof so the rest of your gear won’t get wet! These items are so handy to have and they also make really gorgeous presents for new babies and early years birthdays!

Reusable Cutlery and Straws: Do any of you grab lunch (or dinner) when you’re on the go at work? Or perhaps a quick milkshake or smoothie when out shopping or at the beach? Each time someone buys a salad or noodles to take out, or a nice cool drink they will ultimately use some sort of single use plastic. I know that every now and then we need to grab something on the go. Maybe your train or bus is late or the picnic got left at home. But…if you are a regular “grab and go” kinda guy or gal, then maybe you could start making a difference on how much single use plastic you use. These straws and bamboo cutlery items would significantly reduce the plastic alternatives being used then dumped. They have a long life span, are lightweight enough to live in a handbag or rucksack and would take up very little space in an office desk.

Compostable Poo Bags: As a dog owner I have always hated having to pick up after her and the totally useless ability of most poo bags (and that’s not even mentioning the amount of plastic they usually use).⁠ With fetch it bags you are really getting more for your money. Here is why I love them:⁠
✔They are big (no accidents here!)⁠
✔They are sturdy, no accidental rips!⁠
✔They are fully home compostable. So if you have a compost heap that isn’t used for growing food, you can put these bags straight into them once used.⁠
✔Every roll or box of bags purchased supports a different charity!
Making eco-friendly changes does not need to be difficult. Simple switches like this can save millions of pieces of plastic from polluting the planet.⁠ Add these to your “out & about” switches list, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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