Laundry Detergent Review

Laundry Detergent Review

Thank you to Nikki from Best For Bubba (bestforbubba.co.uk) for sharing this fantastic review on eco laundry detergent.

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We all hate it, but we all have to do it…. Laundry! I thought it is all about cleaning and being gentle on your delicates, but that is so far from the truth!!!! I just discovered how ‘Dirty’ it really is. 

In addition to the drastic impact on the environment did you know that leading brands of laundry detergent often contain harmful chemicals?
The chemicals from the detergent are rubbing on your skin and being absorbed when you sweat. Most non bio detergents are more gentle, but still often contain chemicals.
The chemicals that are hazards to both the environment and humans can also be found in many beauty and cleaning products. The chemicals you should look out for are:
Parabens – used as a preservative. For cleaning they help to ward off bacterial and mould growth. Some evidence suggests it is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.

Phthalates – used to help with softness and developing flexibility, again this ingredient has been linked to breast cancer and reproductive birth defects.

Triclosan – used as an anti-bacterial and anti fungal chemical. Also known as an endocrine disruptor of the thyroid and reproductive hormones as well as causing skin irritation.

So I started looking at risk free alternatives; Smol and Tru Earth. Both seems to be far cleaner than my current Laundry detergent and offered reasonable trial packs, so why not!

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