March Challenge – Plastic Free Hair Removal

March Challenge – Plastic Free Hair Removal

This month on the Eco Living Community Group we have looking at different ways of plastic/chemical free hair removal. I didn’t realise there were so many options! Here are a few we covered and some helpful info:

  • Epilating – Quite a straightforward (although sometimes painful) way of hair removal. Relatively waste free too. An epilator looks like an electric razor but it pulls the hairs out rather than cutting them. This means hair growth slows down and is finer and softer. It can be painful, especially the first few times, but it’s short lived! A good epilator can last for 10 years or more and the most recent one I bought has the ability to change the rechargeable battery, which is the only reason I’ve ever had to change them in the past. I’m hoping that this means it will last me even longer. Obviously you have the packaging that it comes in and once it is at the end of it’s life it needs taking to a small electrical point at the tip.
  • Dermaplaning – short term, best on facial hair, expensive at a salon but can be done at home.
  • Waxing or Sugaring – When I started looking into this I didn’t realise how big a minefield it was! I spoke to the lovely lady who waxes my underarms for me and found that not ALL hot wax is full of nasties like a lot of articles would have you believe. The one she uses is beeswax and tea tree oil. Simple. Why not ask your therapist next time you have an appointment? See if there is anything they can do to make the process less wasteful and if needed, less toxic? This article has some good points but is very bias toward sugaring.
  • Shaving – It is estimated that over 2 BILLION plastic razors are thrown away every year. I cannot even imagine what that must look like. The bulk of a disposable razor is non-biodegradable, leaving mounds of waste every year. Metal, Safety Razors on the other hand are fully recyclable. The blades last longer, the razor handle tends to come with a lifetime guarantee and can also be recycled at the end of it’s life. You also save a lot of ££££. Pair a safety razor with a soap shaving bar and you are on to an absolute PLASTIC FREE SHAVING WINNER!!! We have a lovely Safety Razor available to buy on our website and a Shaving Bar too – no need to look any further!

What is your routine? Is there anything you can do to change it up so it is less wasteful or toxic? Drop us a comment below if you have any other ideas and join the group to find out about April’s Challenge.

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