How Your Reusable Menstrual Products Can Save You Money!

How Your Reusable Menstrual Products Can Save You Money!
As always I think it is really important to look at price comparisons for eco products as I still think there is a taboo around the idea that eco-friendly = more expensive. This really isn’t the case for most of the time.

So here I am going to look at the comparison for different sanitary items. This is purely monetary comparison, not taking account the volumes of eco and health benefits.

ProductPrice 1 yearPrice 5 years
Menstrual Cup£18-25£18-25
Cloth Pads/Liners
(set of 20)
Period Pants
(6 pairs)
Disposable Sanitary Towels/Liners
(average use of 25 pads per cycle)
Applicator Tampons£42£210

So, absolutely not more expensive! And in fact if you go for a cup and period pants then you’ll save money, especially if you were to do a 10 year comparison as that is how long some cups last!

*Prices based on supermarket prices and products I stock.

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