My Cloth Nappy Journey

My Cloth Nappy Journey

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My Cloth Nappy Journey

I have always wanted to do my bit in saving the planet by using more eco-friendly products and doing little things that allow me to use less plastic day by day. Some changes that I have made towards this include, buying clothes secondhand, whether from charity shops or the app depop, so that I am not contributing towards fast fashion, as well as using eco-friendly water bottles for the kids and I, our favourite being Klean Kanteen. To even using a loofah instead of a sponge to wash dishes (which by the way are amazing and wish I had used them sooner) and a coconut brush, instead of the normal plastic ones.

Anyway, getting off track here… I think one of my biggest regrets was not using reusable nappies with my first born. I think the lack of support and me doubting myself played towards me not using reusables with him. To be honest, clothing is a complete mind field, especially when you are new to it. There are so many different types you can use. For example, BTP (birth to potty nappies), two parter nappies that require wraps, pocket nappies and all in one nappies. Like I said a complete mind field.

I started off with Bambino Mio, they were gorgeous and very greatly priced during the Aldi baby event, so I got four of them plus their boosters and then I looked on amazon and found a brand called Littlez and Bloomz, who did five nappies with boosters for £25. They were good to start with, but like I said, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing as shown on this picture of my tiny three week old in his Littlez and Bloomz nappy.

As you can tell by his unimpressed face, I had no clue what I was doing. So I did further research and found two great groups, one was Liverpool Cloth nappies, who support cloth users around Merseyside as well as The Nappy Lady Facebook page, which is full of useful information, and a supportive cloth community who help advice you when you need it! There website dives a lot into what kind of cloth there is, how to wash it and whatever you need.

After further research I realised I had not tightened the nappy tight enough or even used the buttons, as that’s what they were for! Who knew?!

Since doing all my research and trying a lot of different nappies and a lot of different brands, such as Bubble Bubs, Bambino Mio, Little Lamb pocket nappies as well as their two part nappies and motherease, both wizard and duo uno’s and their onesize and sandys, I can confirm that my favourite type of nappies are two parters. They absorb so much more and their containment is beyond amazing especially when paired with an airflow! I have also developed a good wash routine, which is every three days and it works for us. We have around 30 nappies, which is a lot and gets us through a good while, but I chose to wash every three days as not to spoil our nappies and it is recommended to wash them between two and three days.

I remember I went to Paris this year, before COVID19 set us into lockdown, and I decided to use disposable nappies so that I wasn’t worried about how to wash them, as we were only there for four days and wasn’t sure how the laundry service would work out and boy did I regret it! We had a lot of poonami’s which leaked all up his back, so was a nightmare getting him constantly changed in the toilets in Disneyland. Since then we haven’t used

Luckily enough it has also been a godsend through lockdown as we did not have to worry or even bulk buy nappies or ever worry about running out of them! We have been using them for a full year now, some nappies I have bought second hand and some I bought brand new and they have been the best investment I have ever made. You don’t have to go all out cloth, I know a lot of people do cloth in the day than disposable in the night so they don’t feel too flustered. Don’t let people’s opinions put you off trying reusable nappies, it is much easier now than it was before as washing machines are very efficient so you no longer need to soak the nappies before you wash them and when you are at the weaning poo stage it’s easy enough to plop into the toilet by using a ‘poo knife’ or water! I use either or and my nappies always come out clean with no stains! No matter how bad the poo’s are! As well as the fact that the nappies are super gorgeous and who doesn’t love a big cloth bum?!

It is a one of cost depending on what kind of nappies you chose, but they last forever! You can re-use them on your next babies or even save them for your grandchildren or sell them second hand! The best part is you’re doing your part in helping the environment as less disposable nappies are going into the landfill! Once you have done your research and get into the groove of it all, it makes it worth it and putting them together after a wash is so therapeutic. I honestly wish I used them with my first born sooner!


Would thoroughly recommend! They can seem so overwhelming as there is a lot of information online but once you get started it’s really easy!

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