Plastic Free Shaving – the do’s, dont’s, WHY it is so great for your skin and how it can save you money

Plastic Free Shaving – the do’s, dont’s, WHY it is so great for your skin and how it can save you money
Shaving is, for many of us, quite an important part of our personal care routine. Some will shave more than others of course, but it is a common practise and something that can cause a whole world of skin problems if the right products aren’t used.

Shaving rash, dry skin and ingrowing hairs are all issues that can arise from using under-performing razors, chemical laden shaving soaps or gels and not preparing the skin beforehand.

Put this together with the crazy amount of waste that shaving can create (razors, blades, empty bottles of gel/foam) and it really is a no-brainer to switch to something much more skin friendly.

Safety Razor
Safety Razor

The Stainless Steel Razors come with a lifetime guarantee and it is super easy (and cheap) to switch blades whenever you need. Investing in one of these razors will mean that you need to spend only a few £ each year (depending on how much you shave), for replacement blades.

Use a natural shaving soap to nourish your skin to help reduce shaving rashes and ingrowing hairs. You skin will be healthier, better moisturised and more supply because you are not smothering alcohol based products on it. The bars also last longer than a bottle of shaving foam or gel so you’ll save money too! Hurray.

I offer all of the products pictured to purchase individually or a shaving set which offers a discount on a bundle of products!

Personal Care is one of those things that we really cannot avoid. We can pick and choose which bits we do but essential, it affects us all.

That is why it is so important to make sure that not only do we pick products that are better for our personal health and hygiene and the protection of the planet, but also ones that are not going to bankrupt us when we buy them.

Have a look at this price comparison for eco-friendly, plastic free shaving product vs non-eco ones.

And finally here are a few more facts on the benefits behind switching to a plastic free, non-toxic shaving routine. Single blade razors (safety razors) are better for the skin because:

  • They reduce shaving burn/rash as they are a sharper, cleaner blade
  • They help with acne as they don’t spread bacteria like a multi-blade razor
  • You get a much closer shave, leaving no stubble
  • Disposable razors will end up in landfill as they are very difficult to recycle due to being made from mixed materials.
  • In 2018 it was estimated that over 5.5 million Brits were using disposable razors – unthinkable how many that meant were headed to landfill each year. And then there is all the packaging that accompanies them!
  • Natural shaving soaps moisturise the skin whilst you’re using them unlike your typical gels and foams. This means your skin is more supple and you can get a better shave.

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