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Bees Wax Wrap Refresher Block


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Use these nifty little blocks to refresh and repair your current wax wraps!

If your wax wraps are showing signs of wear, have lost there stick and you’re thinking of throwing them away then why not extend their life span a little longer by trying one of these refresher blocks.

Made from food-grade pure beeswax, Damar tree resin & jojoba oil. This refresher block is ready mixed and comes with a full set of instructions on how to use.

1 block will refresh 1 bread wrap or 2 large wraps or 2 to 3 medium wraps or 4 to 5 small wraps


1 block could be used to make your own new wrap from a piece of clean fabric (approx. 32 x 32 cm)


1 block will do many repairs

Note: quantity of wraps repaired or refreshed may be more or less than above depending on the condition of your wrap.

If you would like to learn more about Queen Bee Wraps, you can read their supplier spotlight here.

1 review for Bees Wax Wrap Refresher Block

  1. fear2k60 (verified owner)

    Amazing product, cheap, easy to use and great results…all my food wraps look like new again and ready to go, and over 3/4 of the bar still to go ?

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