Eco Cleaning Subscription Box

£15.00 every 3 months

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The Eco Cleaning Subscription Box is here and is going to make your home toxin free, as well as meaning you never have to worry about running out of cleaning products again.

Every 3 months you will be delivered a box full of eco-friendly cleaning products, right to your door, without any hassle.

Each time the box will contain:

  • Natural Latex Rubber Gloves
  • A Bamboo Dishcloth
  • A Cleaning Pad
  • A Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser Ocean Saver Pod
  • A Bathroom Cleaner with Descaler Ocean Saver Pod

You will then get one of the following in each box:

  • A set of 4 compostable cloths
  • A washing up brush with handle
  • A bottle brush
  • A double pack of washing up pads

This means that you will receive each of these products once a year, this is because they last such a long time that you probably won’t need them more regularly than that!

So that’s 6 products, every 3 months – for only £15.

The first payment will be made immediately with the subsequent payments coming out roughly around the same date. You may cancel the subscription at any time.


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