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This Hand and Surface Disinfectant is a multi-purpose product providing effective protection against coronavirus and all enveloped viruses. It is also effective against bacteria and fungi. With its unique stabilisation process the product provides a mild residual disinfection on both hands and surfaces which micro-organisms do not become resistant to. Its non-sticky formulation does not dry out the skin. The disinfectant is supplied as a ready to use solution for spraying onto hands and non porous hard surfaces.

The Science

Oxyl-Pro’s secret is in the encapsulation process, using only aseptic grade hydrogen peroxide and food safe stabilisers to create an encapsulated molecule. These molecules only activate and open on contact with specific biological markers, which leads to the hydrogen peroxide only being released when and where necessary, and results in minimal waste.

Environmentally Friendly

Oxyl-Pro has an excellent ecological profile, using hydrogen peroxide as the active substance, and stabilised with only food safe ingredients. On degradation, the by products are simply oxygen and water, two molecules that widely exist naturally in the environment. It is made using a unique encapsulation method which reduces chemical wastage and improves product efficiency.  It contains no silver or other heavy metals.

Directions of use:

  • Hand Disinfection: Spray enough solution onto hands to cover all areas. Rub until dry. Do not rinse.
  • Hard surface disinfection: Spray directly onto clean surfaces and leave to dry. There is no need to rinse. After 5 minutes wipe dry with a clean lint free cloth if required. Surfaces that are soiled or dirty
    should first be cleaned with a proprietary cleaner.

Benefits of Oxyl-Pro:

  • Proven efficacy against Covid-19 and all enveloped viruses
  • EN tested against viruses, bacteria & fungi
  • Excellent environmental profile – degrades to oxygen and water
  • Non flammable
  • Tested to EN1500

Contains Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide <2%. Liquid form with an atomizer spray attached to bottle. 2 year shelf life. Store in original packaging away from direct sunlight. Always read label before use. 200ml bottle.


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