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These period pants are a fantastic alternative to sanitary towels. They have a pad sewn into the pants so there is no moving around. They are great to wear in bed and for sports and provide comfort and protection.

The pants come in 3 sizes, Small (UK 8-10), Medium (UK 12-14), Large (UK 16-18).

There are also 3 different absorbencies to choose from, so you can pick which suits you best on which day of your cycle:

  • 9″ Liner – start and end of your period, light flow. Core is 1 layer of 100% cotton flannel.
  • 10″ Regular – medium flow. Core is 1 layer of Zorb3d
  • 12″ Super – heavy flow. Cores are 2 layers of zorb3d and 1 layer of organic cotton/hemp fleece.

The pants are made from cotton lycra (95/5) and the pad topper is also cotton Lycra.

Rinse well once worn then wash at 30 degrees with other dark fabrics. Air/line dry only.

Zorb 3D is a high quality absorbent material, produced in the USA , using organic cotton. Absorbs 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds and soaks up 20 times faster than other material (bamboo, cotton, hemp knits).

N.B. If you wish to try these on, please do so OVER underwear. Failure to do so will mean you cannot return them if they are the incorrect size. For our returns details please check here.

If you would like to know more about the maker of these pants, you can read the supplier spotlight here.

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