Supplier Spotlight – Bambino Mio

Supplier Spotlight – Bambino Mio
In this Supplier Spotlight, I am chatting to Abi from Bambino Mio. It was great to hear more from here about her role and the company. I particularly loved learning about the inspiration behind the business. I used Bambino Mio Nappies on my youngest so have loved them for a few years now. Have a read of the answers to my questions below and in the images!

I stock a range of gorgeous products from Bambino Mio which you can look at here.

Here is the Q&A with Abi…

Tell me about yourself and your role at the company? “My role at the company is to implement Bambino Mio’s Marketing strategy in the UK & Ireland and to drive the business objectives in those markets. Our Marketing strategy is at the heart of our business and has played a key role in driving awareness for reusable baby products and to reduce single-use plastic waste, which is something I’m really proud of. “

What was the inspiration behind the business? “Guy and Jo had been travelling for nine months through Asia and Australia while looking for good business ideas that had a purpose. While at the Taj Mahal, they met a man from New York who started talking about reusable nappy laundry services. The idea stuck and when they came back to the UK in 1992 they set up a washable nappy laundry service. After a few years learning about the product category, the laundry service was closed down and Bambino Mio was set up in 1997 selling environmentally friendly reusable nappies. “

Where are you based? “Guy and Jo started up the business from their home in Northampton and as the business grew, they were able to invest in our current Head Office and Warehouse in the Northamptonshire countryside. Our local community is really important to us, so we support local organisations to help tackle issues and ensure reusable nappies are available to families who need them most. We’ve also recently launched a Bambino Mio fund in partnership with Northamptonshire Community Foundation to fund local projects and causes. The NCF works to create a culture of giving to strengthen and support our local community.”

What are your best sellers? “Our miosolo all-in-one nappy is a firm favourite for our fans and is consistently our number 1 seller on our website. The miosolo is praised by parents for its ease of use, comfort and not to mention the selection of trendy designs. Our mioboost flat inserts are also one of our best-selling products to date. “

What is the businesses biggest achievement or impact to date? “At Bambino Mio, we have always strived to raise awareness of the many benefits that reusable nappies have on our environment, finances and baby, by educating consumers, retailers and even the Government. Since 1997, our business has gone from strength to strength, transitioning from a small family run initiative to an international success story, becoming the most accessible reusable nappy brand across the globe. That’s something that we are extremely proud of.”

Are you developing anything new that you can share with us? “Our product design team are always working ahead of the game on new collections and designs for our product range to keep our fans happy and their little ones stylish. In regards to new products, we are always mindful as to whether there really is a demand for it before bringing it to market, whether it has a place in our product range and of course we thoroughly investigate potential new materials to measure their environmental impact, however we do have a few ideas in the pipeline at the moment.”

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