Supplier Spotlight – Bumblegreen Books – Eco Story Books for Children

Supplier Spotlight – Bumblegreen Books – Eco Story Books for Children
I have recently started stocking 2 wonderful books from BumbleGreen BooksThe Not So Green Queen and The Carbon Monster. The story books are aimed at teaching children the importance of being eco in a fun, friendly and engaging way.

I wanted to find out more from author Katherine Wheatley….take a read of what she has to say about her books.

“Tell me about yourself and your role at the company?” “Hello, my name is Katherine Wheatley and I’m an educator, author and illustrator of books and resources with special messages linked to the environment. I work with schools and offer workshops, resources and training and I’m also involved with the development of a project linked to Woodland Trails, which is being launched in June. In addition, I’m working with a colleague on a series of stories to support well-being in school as part of a PSHE programme for younger children, which will be launching in September.”

“What did you do before you started Bumble Green Books?” “I was a senior leader in a super school for twenty years prior to starting my own venture in December 2019. As a Key Stage Leader, Special Educational Needs Co. and class teacher, education is at the heart of everything I do.”

“How many people does the company employ?” “As a start-up, we employ freelance professionals. We work alongside students by offering placements and opportunities to develop skills. We employ a Graphic Designer, Georgia Yates, and an Editor for specific jobs related to the children’s books.”

“Tell us what makes your books eco-friendly?” “Books are printed by Seacourt Ltd., which are an awarding winning Planet Positive Printing company based in Oxford in the UK. I went to visit the printer and check out the processes as it is very important to me that my books are as environmentally friendly as possible. We use Ecotricity as our electricity supplier and our website is hosted by Eco Web Host. I have an electric bike so can zoom up to the post office without using the car to post any book orders! In addition, I have been making small swaps in the studio linked to the products I buy such as, glue, paper, tape etc. I have a Green Cone and compost area and as my studio is in my garden, I am proud to say that we have a whole host of garden visitors including a badger!”

“What is the businesses biggest achievement or impact to date?” “I am so proud of the school children I have worked with so far. I have had hundreds of stories and pictures from children linked to the books following Book Week and Green Week – the work has been amazing. It feels great to be part of a whole school project and make a difference to children’s understanding/kickstart discussions linked to sustainability in schools. It is exactly why I wrote the stories. A school contacted me a few weeks ago inviting me to their Green Day (as in the book The not so Green Queen) to plant trees and I have been asked to be a resident author – I am so honoured – it is more than I’d hoped for. “

“What is your favourite eco product and why?” “I have made so many swaps in 2020 – my biggest one being changing to refills. I’m really pleased with the changes linked to bamboo – toothbrush, ear buds, toilet roll and dental sticks as it just makes me feel a little better about using these items. I watch your reels and look at your website and know that I still have lots of other swaps to make so have a target of one change a week – this has worked really well for my family too. “

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