Supplier Spotlight – Fetch It

Supplier Spotlight – Fetch It

Each month I am going to be shining the spotlight on one or two of my amazing suppliers! These are the people who do the real hard work to make sure that there are fantastic, sustainable, eco-friendly options available for all of our needs.

First up is a Manchester based company – FetchIt. I have been stocking (and using) their super awesome poo bags since July 2020.

Here is what Co-Founder Kiki told me about her great business:

We are currently a team of 2 (Alex is the other co-founder) and between us we run every element of the business ourselves! We also both work full time for the NHS as a trainee GP and GP Partner. (I nearly fell off my chair when I read that!)

When I asked what the inspiration behind FetchIt was, Kiki told me:

“I got a dog (Coco, a cockapoo) nearly 3 years ago and was chatting to my aunt whom educated me on the differences between a biodegradable plastic poo bag and a compostable one. I realised the UK market was very limited in choice when it came to a good quality compostable poo bag. I pitched my idea to Alex and dragged him along for the ride. Over the last two years we have expanded our range and now have the largest range of compostable poo bags. We’re the only company to make a smaller compostable poo bag to cater for smaller breeds. We are also very proud to have made tie handles bags on a handy roll. In the late part of 2020, we launched our compostable wet mitt designed to help with muddy walks. The mitt is unique as it’s made from wood pulp and is completely compostable. It’s bigger and much stronger than a wet wipe.”

Isn’t that just fabulous?
Here are some more great facts on Fetchit:

You can buy the Fetch It Products I stock here: Compostable Poo Bags – Eco Living Ideas

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