Supplier Spotlight – Hoja Shampoo – Natural, Plastic free shampoo bars that will work wonders for your hair

Supplier Spotlight – Hoja Shampoo – Natural, Plastic free shampoo bars that will work wonders for your hair
This month my supplier spotlight is with the lovely Alizee from Hoja Shampoo. I have recently started stocking Hoja Shampoo Bars so wanted to dig a bit deeper in to the driving force behind this New Forest based eco start up.

Here is my interview with Alizee:

“Tell me about yourself and your role at the company?” “I founded and own Hoja shampoo. I started creating shampoo bars 3 ½ years ago with my knowledge of medicinal plants (I have a clinical herbalism diploma), and my passion for natural products. I decided to start my own business at the beginning of this year. I make my shampoo in small batches of 20 so the quality is good and reliable. I love the feeling of starting my products combining raw ingredients such as powders, botanicals oils and butters and have a shampoo bar as an end result!”

“What was the inspiration behind the business?” “The main reason I started my business was to create a product that has no horrible ingredients and chemicals. I always struggle with shampoos as my hair is thick & wavy. It is one of those hair types that likes to be undisciplined and sensitive to chemicals. So I decided to create my own shampoo. One other reason is that I want to treasure our beautiful planet as much as I can and I want to reduce the amount of chemicals that go into the ground and the plastic that gets thrown away. I want to help people discover and realise that you can have a good product without the nasty ingredients. “

“How many people does the company employ?” “At the moment I am the sole person in Hoja shampoo, but as it is growing I will hopefully have more people joining me in this venture.”

 “Where are you based?” “My business and I are in the beautiful New Forest in Hampshire England.”

“Where do you source your ingredients from?” “I mainly source my ingredient from the UK and France. Some of the suppliers I use buy their ingredients from India, China, Africa and other countries, but I personally buy from UK and French sellers. “

“What is the businesses biggest achievement or impact to date?” “So far it is to have so many returning and happy customers, and it keeps growing, I only started half a year ago and my business is growing at a healthy speed. For the next step I would love to have my shampoo in hair salons and help people understand that shampoo bars are actually a nice product and mostly it would make a massive impact reducing the plastic bottles hair salons use, but that’s for the future. “

“Are you developing anything new that you can share with us?” “It’s official I have one Purple shampoo coming out for sale in the next few weeks, hopefully, by mid-august, it will be available on my website! I have worked on this recipe for a while now and I am so happy and excited to be able to say it has been approved and is almost ready to be live! We are also working on our new packaging, we are going to have pretty boxes for our shampoos!”

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