Supplier Spotlight – Queen Bee Wax Wraps

Supplier Spotlight – Queen Bee Wax Wraps
I have been stocking (and using) wax wraps from Queen Bee Wraps since the very start of Eco Living Ideas in 2018, and I love them so much. It is great to chat with Bryden, the owner, and find out a little more about him and the company.

If you want to shop for some of their gorgeous wraps, head to my dedicated wax wrap section.

Tell me about yourself and your role at the company? “Queen Bee Wraps was founded in 2018 by myself and my wife Louise. The wraps are handmade, so we cut the fabric, put the ingredients together to make our special wax solution, paint the wax on the fabric, design and print the labels and pack everything ready for dispatch.”

What is the businesses biggest achievement or impact to date? “With millions of metres of cling film thrown away every year damaging the planet we decided to focus on supplying beeswax wraps wholesale. This way we could make a big difference in reducing plastic waste. With over 60 stockists nationwide and over 50,000+ of our wraps being used every day over the last 3 years that’s 1,000 of metres of cling film NOT being used! A beeswax wrap is a natural alternative to plastic wrap; antibacterial, breathable, easy to clean and reusable for up to a year.”

Where are you based and where do you source your materials from? “We rent a small studio in an historic 17th century building, Cockenzie House. Set in beautiful gardens in East Lothian, Scotland, the house has over 40 studios full of an eclectic mix of small businesses, a cafe, garden centre and gift shop. The beeswax wrap ingredients are all bought from UK suppliers”

What are your best sellers and what is your favourite product? “Any of beeswax wraps with bees in the design sell really well. My favourite product is the beeswax wrap refresher block as it extends the life of a beeswax wrap helping to cut waste.”

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