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February Blog Cover

It is time for a new monthly focus and a whole load of brand new products for Eco Living Ideas too! ⁠What better way than to launch a new product range and spend a whole month dedicated to learning more about how menstrual products can be better for you and for the environment!⁠ This month we will look at facts, figures, benefits, price comparisons and the switches that are available! It’s going to be great. ⁠Come join me for the journey.⁠ There are different types of eco-alternative menstrual products. I’ve listed some below to give you an idea, sometimes it is a case of trying a couple of bits to find what works for you. Menstrual Cups – these can seem a little daunting at first but, once you have got used to using one, they can be an absolute game changer. If you’d like to give a menstrual cup…

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