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I have recently started stocking 2 wonderful books from BumbleGreen Books – The Not So Green Queen and The Carbon Monster. The story books are aimed at teaching children the importance of being eco in a fun, friendly and engaging way. I wanted to find out more from author Katherine Wheatley….take a read of what she has to say about her books. “Tell me about yourself and your role at the company?” “Hello, my name is Katherine Wheatley and I’m an educator, author and illustrator of books and resources with special messages linked to the environment. I work with schools and offer workshops, resources and training and I’m also involved with the development of a project linked to Woodland Trails, which is being launched in June. In addition, I’m working with a colleague on a series of stories to support well-being in school as part of a PSHE programme for…

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During my monthly focus of Eco Kids, I did a lot of research into the environmental impact of different children’s items. This includes the chemicals used in toys, to the amount of waste that is sent to landfill. Take a look at the info below to see how the every day products we use for our children can affect the planet. We’ll start with some facts on what products are sent to landfill and how much of it there is here in the UK. These figures are quite staggering but read below for some easy ways to reduce those numbers. It is estimated that children’s toys are played with for less than 6 months on average and they use more plastic than a lot of other plastic based products. Here are some ways you can help to bring those figures down. Toys – making sure they don’t end up in…

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Join me as I chat to Nikki from The Natural Crayon Company as we talk about eco craft products for kids and all the things Nikki has learnt on her business journey. You can find The Natural Crayon Company on Facebook or shop via their Etsy page.

This months focus is one for all those little humans in our lives. Whether they are your own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews or a friends child, you will be able to learn a lot about children’s products and how to make more eco-conscious choices as well as educate children as they are growing up. This first blog post is all about price comparisons and some lovely inspirational quotes. Enjoy. The first price comparison this month is on something that I have already spent so much time looking in to because we used cloth nappies, and still use cloth wipes, on our girls. The prices will vary massively from brand to brand, and yes, if you go all out crazy on the reusable nappies, you may end up spending a lot more than necessary. But hopefully, these figures will give you some guidance and show you that, eco really can…

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