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As always I think it is really important to look at price comparisons for eco products as I still think there is a taboo around the idea that eco-friendly = more expensive. This really isn’t the case for most of the time. So here I am going to look at the comparison for different sanitary items. This is purely monetary comparison, not taking account the volumes of eco and health benefits. Product Price 1 year Price 5 years Menstrual Cup £18-25 £18-25 Cloth Pads/Liners(set of 20) £159 £159 Period Pants(6 pairs) £121 £121 Disposable Sanitary Towels/Liners (average use of 25 pads per cycle) £28.80 £144 Applicator Tampons £42 £210 So, absolutely not more expensive! And in fact if you go for a cup and period pants then you’ll save money, especially if you were to do a 10 year comparison as that is how long some cups last! *Prices based…

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There are always so many questions around CSP, how to wear them, wash them, how many you need etc. Here I have answered some of the more common ones. How many do I need? This will differ from person to person but if you are solely using cloth pads then around 15 would be a good place to start. Obviously you can build this up over time, you don’t have to buy it all at once! I would aim for 3-5 heavy/night pads, 6-8regular pads, 3-4 liners Can I use cloth pads after giving birth? Absolutely! And how blessed you will be if you do. Speaking from experience, post-partum pads are HIDEOUS! I wish I’d have had some super soft reusables when my daughters were born! Are they safe to use? They certainly are. So long as you change them regularly and wash them well they are perfectly safe to…

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