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Homemade Chocolate

We had a go at making our own chocolate from scratch a couple of weeks ago and it was really delicious! I bulk bought some of the ingredients online (cocoa butter and cocoa powder) and the other bits I already had in the house. ⁠ It really was quite simple to do, I found a basic recipe online and followed…

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homemade body butter

As the focus for this month is natural skincare, I thought I should try and make my own body butter and see how I got on! This was a super easy recipe and method and I would really recommend giving it a go! You’ll see my ingredients above! The coconut oil is from Tesco and is what I use to…

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eco brick footstool

I finally did it! After months of saying I would, then wouldn’t, I finally got my act together and made a footstool out of eco bricks. And guess what…it was no where near as difficult as I thought it was going to be! I mean, it is far from perfect and I’ve already realised that it needs some tweaks, but,…

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