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Homemade Chocolate

We had a go at making our own chocolate from scratch a couple of weeks ago and it was really delicious! I bulk bought some of the ingredients online (cocoa butter and cocoa powder) and the other bits I already had in the house. ⁠ It really was quite simple to do, I found a basic recipe online and followed the step by step instructions. The girls helped me too (mainly because they wanted to lick the spoons/bowls/moulds/work surfaces etc) but they thought it was fun and loved having something they made for an afternoon treat. ⁠ I will definitely be adding these to my Christmas Hamper repertoire as I’ve had some great feedback from the taste testers. I’m also going to try adding different flavours and experiment a little. Have you ever made chocolate? What is your favourite flavour to try?

homemade body butter

As the focus for this month is natural skincare, I thought I should try and make my own body butter and see how I got on! This was a super easy recipe and method and I would really recommend giving it a go! You’ll see my ingredients above! The coconut oil is from Tesco and is what I use to cook with. The shea butter I was gifted a while ago, the orange essential oil I had already and I bought the cocoa butter and almond oil from Buy Wholefoods Online. We actually used the cocoa butter to make some homemade chocolate too, which was delicious! I only wanted to make a small batch at first, to make sure I liked it but here is the recipe I used: 1/8 cup cocoa butter1/8 cup shea butter1/8 cup coconut oil1/8 cup almond oil5-6 drops essential oil (I used orange). N.B. I…

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eco brick footstool

I finally did it! After months of saying I would, then wouldn’t, I finally got my act together and made a footstool out of eco bricks. And guess what…it was no where near as difficult as I thought it was going to be! I mean, it is far from perfect and I’ve already realised that it needs some tweaks, but, the hardest part is done and it is getting used! If you’ve read my eco journey posts, you will know that it started with reusable wipes and eco bricking almost 3 years ago. My family all soon got involved in eco bricks and between us we had quite a collection. There used to be a lot of places accepting eco bricks so we always donated them to community projects but now that isn’t as common (partly due to covid), so I decided to put some of mine to use and…

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