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An Eco Christmas Guide Part 4

So far we have covered gift buying/giving, wrapping and cards and decorations. This time we are looking at food over the festive period and how to make more eco-conscious decisions. Christmas is seen as a time to over indulge, treat ourselves and have a few extra goodies. And why not!? It is great to be able to relax habits and enjoy a couple of weeks of ‘being naughty’. That doesn’t mean that our eco-friendly lifestyle has to go out of the window though. Here are a few ideas to keep you on track: You can still meal plan! Having a meal plan means that you only buy what you need. And if you do have extra people coming in to the house (hurray to lockdown ending), then it is even more important! Plan your meals and buy exactly what you need. This is where shopping at the local butchers and…

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The last in the series of gift ideas, this one is about bigger presents for family and friends. I’ve tried to cover different age groups and price brackets so hopefully you can find something useful. Let’s start with the youngest! If you are looking for low waste (or no waste), practical but fun ideas for babies and toddlers then why not get them a gorgeous swim nappy! These nappies are super easy for the grown-ups to use too, so you’ll be making them happy! You will also be helping to save some serious amount of plastic from being thrown into landfill and rotting for hundreds of years. Pair them with a voucher for the local pool or money toward a swimming lesson and you’ll have a great present! If your budget will stretch further then why not look at adding a wet bag or change mat too as this make…

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secret santa

It is years since I was involved in a Secret Santa (maternity leave and working from home!), but I remember how hard I used to find buying something for a colleague and used to end up getting all sorts of tat – which I knew would be thrown away. So, I thought I would help a bit and put together some ideas for different budgets – hope they help! Options for £5: A mega pouch of organic, moreish and tasty snacks, £4.99. I stock 3 flavours, goji, almond and mulberries. Bamboo Cutlery Set, £4 Bamboo wash mitt and soap bar, £5. A little bit of pampering for someone. Tealights and a Snack Bag, from £4.79 Options for £10: A Soy Wax Candle and a JustChoc Box, £9.45 Pack of 5 Reusable Face Wipes, from £7. You could even squeeze in a little bar of chocolate! Collapsible Metal Straw, £7.99 Sandwich…

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Eco Stocking Fillers

I’ve put together a few lists which I thought may help those who are looking for some awesome ideas whilst Christmas shopping. I’m a huge advocate of buying subscriptions or experiences but we all like a little something to open to so here are Eco Living Ideas ‘Top 5’. First up is Kids Stocking Filler Ideas: PlayIn Choc Toy Box (£2.95) – I have sold so many of these already and I honestly cannot recommend them enough. Our girls have got one to go in their stocking and I know it will be one of the first things they want to play with. The chocolate is divine and the toys are cute and good fun. A Bamboo Toothbrush (£2.49) – these also come in green and pink at a slightly higher price. We always include a toothbrush and for some reason bamboo toothbrushes are still exciting and make the girls…

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Eco Christmas Guide Blog

This week the focus is on Gift Wrapping and Cards. When we think of Christmas, visions of Christmas Trees with beautifully wrapped gifts, tables full of food and households full of happy family gathered, all come to mind. Cards hung from string, bows and taffeta, glitter and sparkles are all part of what we now know as Christmas. I am a sucker for a nicely wrapped gift! Although I’m not very good at creative wrapping myself, I do always appreciate it when others go to the efforts. I always used to have co-ordinated paper (for example all of my presents would be wrapped in gold and white or green and red). Now whilst there is nothing wrong with these ways of wrapping, they’re not entirely eco-friendly. A lot of paper is unrecyclable, due to plastic coating and glitter, and unless you’re going to sit and pick the sticky tape off,…

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