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An Eco Chat episode on food waste. Why we need to reduce it, how you can take steps towards reducing waste in your household and what to do with any scraps you do have. Watch the full video below or scroll down for a rough transcript. This chat is about Food Waste. I see a lot of people on different Facebook groups and Instagram, asking about food waste and composting and how to stop it ending up in landfill. We want to stop food going to landfill as it produces so much methane (more than cows) and that is really bad for the environment. Also, food waste in general signifies there are other issues further up the food chain – too much food being produced AND too much food being bought by us, the consumers. So, how can you do your part to reduce food waste and make sure that…

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An Eco Christmas Guide Part 4

So far we have covered gift buying/giving, wrapping and cards and decorations. This time we are looking at food over the festive period and how to make more eco-conscious decisions. Christmas is seen as a time to over indulge, treat ourselves and have a few extra goodies. And why not!? It is great to be able to relax habits and enjoy a couple of weeks of ‘being naughty’. That doesn’t mean that our eco-friendly lifestyle has to go out of the window though. Here are a few ideas to keep you on track: You can still meal plan! Having a meal plan means that you only buy what you need. And if you do have extra people coming in to the house (hurray to lockdown ending), then it is even more important! Plan your meals and buy exactly what you need. This is where shopping at the local butchers and…

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