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secret santa

It is years since I was involved in a Secret Santa (maternity leave and working from home!), but I remember how hard I used to find buying something for a colleague and used to end up getting all sorts of tat – which I knew would be thrown away. So, I thought I would help a bit and put together some ideas for different budgets – hope they help! Options for £5: A mega pouch of organic, moreish and tasty snacks, £4.99. I stock 3 flavours, goji, almond and mulberries. Bamboo Cutlery Set, £4 Bamboo wash mitt and soap bar, £5. A little bit of pampering for someone. Tealights and a Snack Bag, from £4.79 Options for £10: A Soy Wax Candle and a JustChoc Box, £9.45 Pack of 5 Reusable Face Wipes, from £7. You could even squeeze in a little bar of chocolate! Collapsible Metal Straw, £7.99 Sandwich…

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