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I thought that with Easter coming up we should probably have a quick chat about chocolate and the difference between what is and isn’t eco! Have a watch of my chat here, or read a rough transcript below. If you want to shop for ethical chocolate I have a great range available on the website now. I know Easter isn’t all about Chocolate and I am very keen for my girls to know why we celebrate Easter, but there is no denying that we all love a bit of chocolate as well, so we should try to make that as eco as possible. What is Eco chocolate I hear you ask!? Well, it is chocolate products that are made ethically, sustainably, without exploiting farmers, without using palm oil and that isn’t wrapped in plastic. It sounds pretty straightforward when laid out like that, but fair trade chocolate companies go to…

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Raw Chocolate Company

In the second Supplier Spotlight, I am chatting with Kris from The Raw Chocolate Company and he has some amazing insights to share with us! You can see the full range of chocolate I stock here. Read on for the full interview. Tell me about yourself and your role at the company? “Hi I’m Kris and I look after sales at The Raw Chocolate Company and Conscious Chocolate. I also work on new product development and am deputy chief taster number one. I am part of the management team and involved in most aspects of the business in some way.” What did you do before you started working there? “Immediately before diving into chocolate I was a Senior Project Manager for a climate change charity, helping promote innovative responses and practical solutions above and beyond energy efficiency and renewable technologies. I also managed the UK’s first 100% organic supermarket, was…

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