The World of Cloth Nappies

The World of Cloth Nappies

The World of Cloth Nappies

When I found out I was pregnant I was over the moon! I would day dream about all the things we could teach our new baby and how we could try to teach the importance of looking after the planet. Give them the chance that we didn’t get as children. As much as our parents did a fantastic job in raising both me and my husband, there were just things our parents didn’t know about back then. One thing they did know however was cloth nappies.

I stumbled across a piece of information one day that really hit home. A disposable nappy can take anywhere between 300 and 500 years to decompose. I was astounded. I knew items like nappies and sanitary products weren’t exactly great for the environment, but I had no idea just how bad! I made a decision that day that I wouldn’t use disposable nappies. And so my cloth nappy journey began.


As mad as it sounds, collecting and choosing which nappies to buy for my son has become something of a hobby. So many brands to choose from! Different styles, fabrics and prints (it’s all about the prints! ?). There is an option for every taste and every baby. Especially in the day’s of lockdown (my son was born a week before it was announced) it’s given me something to focus my energy on. I look forward to wash day where I can hang them outside to dry and then organise them all when I bring them in. I never thought I’d be excited about doing washing! But with every nappy I feel like
I’m doing my part for the planet.

A large proportion of my stash are second hand, preloved nappies. This might sound horrific to the novice, but they have been well looked after and washed correctly so they have lots of life in them. Adding to the eco factor once more. And as for water consumption with washing them, please refer to the poster included to see the comparisons between disposables and reusable nappy water consumption.

I challenge you to look into the world of cloth for yourselves and see if you can make the switch. Even if it’s using reusable wipes, a little change can make a big difference ☺️.


Thank you to my fabulous Brand Rep, Rebecca for writing this wonderful post. You can follow Rebecca’s Eco Journey here.

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