Time to answer some common cloth sanitary pad (CSP) questions

Time to answer some common cloth sanitary pad (CSP) questions
There are always so many questions around CSP, how to wear them, wash them, how many you need etc. Here I have answered some of the more common ones.
Cloth Sanitary Pads

How many do I need? This will differ from person to person but if you are solely using cloth pads then around 15 would be a good place to start. Obviously you can build this up over time, you don’t have to buy it all at once! I would aim for 3-5 heavy/night pads, 6-8regular pads, 3-4 liners

Can I use cloth pads after giving birth? Absolutely! And how blessed you will be if you do. Speaking from experience, post-partum pads are HIDEOUS! I wish I’d have had some super soft reusables when my daughters were born!

Are they safe to use? They certainly are. So long as you change them regularly and wash them well they are perfectly safe to use. And actually have some health benefits too so may even be considered safer than disposables.

Are they suitable for teenagers? Yes! 100%. I think it is so important to teach teenagers good habits. I hope that my girls never know what disposables are if I’m honest. Some companies do specific pads and pants for teenagers that are slightly narrower.

CSP Cloth Sanitary Pads
Cloth Sanitary Towels (CSP)

Are CSP bulkier than disposables? They can look it when you first see them but once you are wearing one there really is no difference. Pads vary from make to make as it depends what fabric is used to make them absorbent, but in general, no, they’re not bulkier.

How do I wear them? – Just like a normal disposable towel. The pads come with ‘wings’ which you wrap around your underwear to hold them in place. You need to wear well-fitting pants so that they are held in place properly.

How do I know which way up to wear them? – Each make is different. Some you wear pattern side toward skin, others it is plain side. If you’re unsure, check back with the company you bought them from. If the info isn’t on their website then email them to ask.

How do I wash CSP? – It is best to rinse the towels in cold water as soon as you take them off, this helps to stop stains setting. Keep them in a box or wet bag until you are ready to wash. Then wash on a 30 degree wash, avoiding fabric conditioner. Always check the instructions supplier with your CSP if you are unsure.

Cloth Sanitary Pads

How do I dry my CSP? – My advice would be to line or air dry. This will make them last a lot longer and will stop any waterproof layers being damage.

How often do I change my pad? – The simple answer is, when you feel you need to. You may find that a CSP lasts longer than a disposable as they are more absorbent and better at keeping you feeling dry.

How do I store my pads when out? When you are out there are a couple of options for storing pads. You can buy bags which have separate clean and dirty compartments (coming soon to Eco Living Ideas!) or you could simply use a small tub which can easily be washed. Just remember to rinse or soak your pads when you get home.

Is there anything else you need to know? Please just pop a question in the comments or feel free to message me!

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