Top 5 Eco Stocking Fillers

Top 5 Eco Stocking Fillers

I’ve put together a few lists which I thought may help those who are looking for some awesome ideas whilst Christmas shopping. I’m a huge advocate of buying subscriptions or experiences but we all like a little something to open to so here are Eco Living Ideas ‘Top 5’.

First up is Kids Stocking Filler Ideas:

  • PlayIn Choc Toy Box (£2.95) – I have sold so many of these already and I honestly cannot recommend them enough. Our girls have got one to go in their stocking and I know it will be one of the first things they want to play with. The chocolate is divine and the toys are cute and good fun.
  • A Bamboo Toothbrush (£2.49) – these also come in green and pink at a slightly higher price. We always include a toothbrush and for some reason bamboo toothbrushes are still exciting and make the girls want to brush their teeth – so they’ll be getting another one. Teach them young that it doesn’t have to be plastic!
  • Beebombs (£7.99) – great for getting out in the garden come spring and kids love watching them grow and bring loads of amazing wildlife to the garden. One word of warning – you may want to wrap these first as they can be a little dirty from the clay.
  • Bamboo Straw and Straw Brush (£1.49 and 50p) – – who doesn’t love a straw for a smoothie or milkshake! Saves unnecessary dribbles! A simple, cheap gift with little impact on the planet.
  • Sandwich Wrap (£9) – perfect for picnics and packed lunches, you can start to plan them in the New Year. A more practical present but I know lots of young children (and adults) with these and they all love them.

So there we go – 5 wonderful gifts for young children! Enjoy shopping.

Next up is adult stocking fillers. There are so many to choose from so I’ve just gone with my favourites!

  • Chocolate! Any chocolate is good right? It is, but the chocolate I stock is GREAT. There is such a big choice now from snack bags, sharing bags, bars and mini treats – it will be hard to pick. But I can guarantee they all taste awesome.
  • Some wax melts or a candle – there is a whole range of soy wax candles to choose from now ranging from simple tea lights to indulgent tin candles at prices to suit every budget.
  • A Shower Puff – there are now 3 variations to choose from, a bath, a body or a ramie scrunchie!
  • Reusable Face Wipes – perfect as a stocking filler or a main gift, these wonderful wipes will last the recipient for years and will make them think of you and what awesome presents you buy every single day.
  • Natural Deo – a great switch for anyone to make and also a lovely gift to receive. Packaged in cardboard and made with natural ingredients, they are kind to skin and the planet.

It’d be great to hear your thoughts on the above! Happy Shopping.

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